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Mileo | 'Echo'

Pop music has a new star in the form of Mileo, the half Norwegian/half Australian singer/songwriter. His debut single ‘Echo’ is a dancepop track that sounds a bit more dance than it does pop, but that’s definitely a positive. Mileo’s smooth vocals paired with the pulsating beats on ‘Echo’ serve as a match made in heaven and a clear indication that we have a major star on our hands. For a debut single, ‘Echo’ is far beyond what most singers are able to pump out these days and shows strength in what is sure to be a promising career if Mileo keeps making music like this.

You can purchase Mileo’s ‘Echo’ on iTunes (Scandinavia) NOW!

One Direction | 'You & I'

One Direction recently premiered the music video for the latest single from their Midnight Memories album. ‘You & I’, which was written by Julian Bunetta, Jamie Scott and John Ryan, serves as the fourth cut from the boyband’s third studio collection, following the release of ‘Best Song Ever’, ‘Story Of My Life’ and the record’s title track. The Ben Winston directed clip uses some cool visual effects on the guys as they walk along the Clevedon Pier paired with a pretty simplistic, yet stylish, approach that all flows quite nicely together. Not to mention, the guys of 1D look the most grown up they’ve ever looked so far, and it’s definitely not hurting them.

One Direction’s Midnight Memories is available digitally on iTunes NOW!

Golden Boy

Kylie Minogue • Golden Boy

Kylie Minogue | 'Golden Boy'

Australian pop goddess Kylie Minogue confirmed recently set the record straight by confirming ‘I Was Gonna Cancel‘ as the next official single from her twelfth studio album Kiss Me Once. The confirmation came during an interview with Rolling Stone where Kylie explained that ‘Sexercize‘ was actually just a promotional single to promote its release (I mean, she had me fooled there considering the lengthy TWO videos she made for it). The REAL story here though is that Kylie recently premiered the brilliant new track titled ‘Golden Boy‘ as the B-side of ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’. Originally listed for the Japan deluxe edition release along with the Sky Ferreira-penned jam ‘Voodoo‘, though eventually scrapped, has now found a home on a 7″ vinyl as part of Record Store Day 2014 (Europe) on April 19th. Why this wasn’t on the album is beyond me, but at least someone was smart enough to give this a semi-proper release.