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Love Druggie


Mendoza | 'Love Druggie'

We’ve got a major pop music alert in the form of Denmark’s latest emerging star, Mendoza. As a debut single, ‘Love Druggie’ is quite massive and catchy as hell. The song, which was actually released last year, is getting some major love by Universal Music Sweden who have just picked it up for a Swedish release. Mendoza also popped a video online for ‘Love Druggie’ which you can watch here. Keep this girl on your radar, because I’m expecting some pretty big things from her!

Purchase Mendoza’s ‘Love Druggie’ on iTunes Denmark NOW.

Sleeping With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Neon Trees

Neon Trees | 'Sleeping With A Friend' (The Chainsmokers Remix)

You can’t really stop The Chainsmokers these days. Thanks to their massive hit ‘#Selfie' which, for better or worse, has taken the world by storm, these guys have managed to catapult their music career to epic proportions. With all the attention The Chainsmokers are getting for their original music these days, it's refreshing that they still find time to remix other people's tunes as well. Their latest rework for Neon Trees 'Sleeping With A Friend' is quite a doozy. The duo took to their soundcloud to explain what they were going for with their latest mix, saying “for our production we wanted to go a little bigger with this one, something a little more aggressive but with a chunky bassline and fun melody topline to match the vocal…. all in all we think the track winded up sounding pretty awesome”. I'd have to agree guys the track does sound awesome and has transformed this into a huge banger.

Don't Kill the Magic


MAGIC! | 'Don't Kill the Magic'

You might recognize Canadian reggae-pop band MAGIC! after making huge waves internationally with their reggae-pop tune “Rude” last year (it reached the top 10 in Canada, Australia and New Zealand). Though ‘Rude’ sounded something like No Doubt circa 1990 something, the band’s second single ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’ is incredibly smooth and basically tailor made for top 40 radio. 


Betty Who | 'Heartbreak Dream' (Music Video)

I took it upon myself to combine two of my favorite things: Betty Who’s ‘Heartbreak Dream’ and a circa 1980’s Jennifer Connelly from the film Career Opportunities. Betty’s music was made for 80’s films, period! To pick up a copy of ‘Heartbreak Dream’ on iTunes, click here and make sure check out Betty on twitter here.

Spotlighting the little video I made for Betty Who’s ‘Heartbreak Dream’ awhile back - you can check out the official video for the single here.

Heart's On Fire

Passenger | 'Heart's On Fire'

After finding global success with his single ‘Let Her Go‘, which was included on the fourth studio album All the Little Lights, English folk-rock artist Michael David Rosenberg, better known by his stage name as Passenger, has returned with his new single ‘Heart’s On Fire‘. The song, which was written and produced by himself, will serve as the first official single off of his fifth album entitled Whispers. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, which is exactly what Passenger has done with ‘Heart’s On Fire‘. The song is definitely not a risky choice for Passenger considering its similarities to his hit single ‘Let Her Go’, though he’s done a great job of balancing his signature sound with something that feels fresh and unique for him at the same time.